Company History



2014 - 2018 The transformation in production is starting

In the years from 2013 to 2017, TCM changed its corporate philosophy and has now stepped into the future with its new "Strategy2018". "Digitalization, SMART PRODUCTION, INDUSTRY 4.0, and E-MOBILITY," are the buzz words of its direction. TCM promotes research and development with partners from industry, universities and international research institutions.

The transformation in production is starting and TCM is also forging this path. The tool dispensing system Toolbase is one of the intelligent answers for the automated supply of tools and tool systems.

With WinTool AG in Zurich, the world's leading software house for tool management was acquired as support for CAM and production.

The production analysis system developed by TCM with a 100% success rate changes the performance. Our partners have already benefited from the work before the SOP and not just from the service contract afterwards.

A modern management system with young executives supports the current and sole managing director. 5 executive managers focus on their tasks. The TCM ANAEIS Intranet, which has been set up for more than 20 years, enables TCM to centrally manage systems worldwide from Stainz.

2017 is the culmination with the completion of the implementation of Strategy 2018. It marks the beginning of a new era.

With 527 employees at the beginning of the year and sales of 86 million in the group, we have a firm foundation for the future

People + Technology + System + ICT = SMART MACHINING

TCM knowledge including research and development + Analysis + WinTool + Toolbase + TCM personnel on site, work together to support SMART MACHINING

In 2018, large projects in Europe were added and the new management is concentrating on the DACH region plus the Elsass.

With PUNCH POWERGLIDE in Strasbourg and BMW in Landshut, 2 absolute top representatives of the European automotive industry are now partners of TCM.

2009 – 2013 TCM as comprehensive all-rounder

In order to offer customers the widest possible range of services, TCM expanded even further during these years: In 2007, the company Peters Engineering and in 2008 Achterberg GmbH became members of the TCM Group. This extends the TCM services to the areas of truck construction, machine building, automation, measurement and control technology, as well as the production and sale of PET electric vehicles. Furthermore, TCM Tool Experts begin to communicate their Know-how in WIFI courses. The tool dispensing system Toolbase and revolutionary tool grinding shop rox cause a sensation at the EMO 2011 in Hannover. In 2013 the ERP program SAP is implemented at the TCM headquarters. Based on existing SAP modules, the SAP Tool Cockpit was developed to fundamentally simplify Tool Management and Administration beginning in 2014. In spite of confronting a very challenging economic situation, TCM is able to not only retain its existing customer base, but also to continue its acquisition of new customers. These now include SGMW in Qing Dao, Deutz Dalian (both in China), as well as Schad in Dortmund who have placed their trust in the competence of TCM and beginning in 2009, tools are being dispensed using the innovative Toolbase-System.

The expansion into new markets continues unabated: In 2013 the TCM RUS o.o.o. with headquarters in Uljanowsk is founded as a joint venture with the company Haltec. In Deutschlandsberg, TCM is responsible for the process management of EPCOS OHG. This TCM International project running under the name PENG (Project Engineering) will also be included in the newly founded TCM Systems in 2012. In 2013 the Oerlikon Blazers Group acquires the grinding shop concept rox.

2003 – 2008 The expansion continues

Within less than a year the Technology and Development Center is constructed in cooperation with the communities of Stainz, Georgsberg and St. Stefan and the companies TCM and Peters GmbH. It becomes the new company headquarters of TCM. A new subsidiary of TCM International GmbH is founded In Luxembourg. International interest in TCM Tool Management continues to grow: The Japanese compressor manufacturer SANDEN places its trust in the Know-how from Styria for its newly constructed factory in Poland, as have TRW in Dacice/Czech Republic, Goodyear Luxembourg, SAIC Rover Shanghai or Shanghai VW Loutang/China.


With the takeover of the entire tool management, tool construction and grinding shop for the Opel factory in Bochum, TCM started a new chapter in the company’s history in July 2006. The buzzword during these years is TEMPO, which stands for the entire range of TCM services: Tool Management, Education, Measurement Management, Process Development, Design, Engineering & Management and Organization.



1996 – 2002 On the way to the top

During this period TCM establishes itself as an internationally recognized Tool-Management provider. Beginning with the OPEL cylinder head plant in Hungary, the company wins over customers domestically and internationally: ELAN SKI in Carinthia, MECCOM in Kindberg, Volkswagen Motor Polska, Prezismetall in Zilina/Slovakia, Schmidt Amaturen in Carinthia, LM-Leichtmetall System GmbH and TRW Gelsenkirchen, as well as TRW Poland.


In 2002 TCM leaps outside of Europe with the takeover of tool managements at Shanghai General Motors as well as FORD in Taubaté/Brazil and HOLDEN in Australia. TCM thoroughly convinces its newly won customers and is presented the “Supplier of the Year” award by General Motors three years in a row.


The company continues to grow: In 1997 DI Weber GmbH and Hausensteiner GmbH are merged into the new brand TCM GmbH  (TOOL CONSULTING & MANAGEMENT). 1998 TCM International Tool Consulting & Management GmbH is founded with headquarters in Graz and offices in Coblenz and Györ/Hungary, as well as TCM Polska in Polkovice.


In 1999 the cornerstone for entry into the South American market is laid with the founding of TCM do Brazil LTDA. At home, TCM is actively involved in the founding of the ACStyria Autocluster GmbH with TCM CEO Manfred Kainz serving as its first General Manager.



1992 – 1995 Moving forward

With the purchase of a water recycling plant in Voitsberg, a new course is plotted: After the closure of the site in Lower Austria, the production location is moved to West Styria. The newly established, very modern tool grinding shop is running at full capacity with large orders from the company KNECHTFILTERWERK.


After the departure of Mr. Panzenböck from the corporation and the withdrawal of Mr. Hausensteiner from business operations, Manfred Kainz assumes the position of Managing Partner. During this period, an Austrian-wide distribution network is set up which proves very successful after only a short period of time. 1994 proves to be a year of fundamental change: 7 employees and Andras Maier from HAM take over a large part of the Hausensteiner shares, both in the Hausensteiner GmbH, as well as in the DI Weber GmbH.


During the course of this sale, both companies are merged. Furthermore, Kainz recognizes the groundbreaking potential of a completely new CNC grinding machine concept by the company Walter in Tübingen and acquires one of the first of these machines for the Voitsberg grinding shop. Through the general representation of HAM, a cooperation is established with the newly constructed engine factory of OPEL in Hungary. It soon becomes clear that General Motors intends to transfer the entire area of tool supply to an external partner – a chance that CEO Kainz is ready and willing to grasp. Together with HAUSENSTEINER GMBH, HAM, Látrányi and MAPAL, HTCM (Hungarian Tool Consulting & Management Ltd.) is founded.



1986 – 1991 The first steps

Manfred and Anna Kainz take over the division of tool sales from Hausensteiner GmbH in Graz including representation for Plansee TIZIT Werkzeuge (Tools). Together with Michael HAUSENSTEINER and Josef PANZENBÖCK, DI Weber GmbH is founded in 1987 for the production of special tools. In 1988, work starts at the newly acquired site in Lower Austria with the first grinding orders for tool customers.


This is followed in 1989 by the general representation by DI Weber Gmbh for numerous renowned tool manufactures: HAM, STRASMANN, TOSHIBA TUNGALOY, BECKER DIAMAND, POLYTOOL and BOSS. At the same time, demand develops for all-round service from the spindle to the chip and expert support of tools from servicing from construction to cutting.

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